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The Classic CrossDresser Conservatory

The Concept

The Classic CrossDresser™ Conservatory (the “ CCC ”) is designed to uniquely address the needs of the male-to-female transformation for transvestites and transgendered individuals.  We are committed to the Art of Cross Dressing and the serious cross dresser  There are many misconceptions about the cross dressing lifestyle and many of its facilitators.  So that there is no misunderstanding about The Classic CrossDresser™ Conservatory , We are a genuine educational organization.

The concept of The Classic CrossDresser™ is part of the philosophy of Classic Fetish™, created by Diandra Blackthorn, The Mistress Didi*

Classic Fetish™ is the appreciation of the passion of power-at-play through a variety of experiences that allow you to connect with the deepest part of yourself that makes life feel exciting, vibrant, free, worth living, complete.  Classic Fetishists™ approach the practice of Fetish as Therapeutic Art™, which enables all involved to rise to a higher level of being.

Mistress Didi* & ms. erin
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The Mistress Didi*'s Classic CrossDressing Techniques are designed for the alignment of your mind, body, and spirit and the conditioning of your conscious and subconscious mind to work harmoniously to achieve your goals.  The Mistress Didi*'s vast experience in the physical and psychological sciences compliment Her natural gift of teaching the individual in the way you can understand, appreciate, and expand your horizons throughout your process to effortlessly lead you to success. 
Understanding the fears and difficulties that you can face when choosing this path towards happiness, The Mistress Didi* incorporates Hypnotherapy Sessions as part of the The Classic CrossDresser™ Curriculum.   Another unique facet of the Curriculum is Vocal Training.
bullet These are only two of the elements of the many Pearls of Education that make The Classic CrossDresser™ Conservatory exceptional and unparalleled.
The Classic CrossDresser™ Conservatory presents a sophisticated program of exemplary techniques to facilitate your metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.
The CCC offers individual and group instruction in the full spectrum of the elements that allow your Woman Within to emerge with the confidence, elegance, style, beauty, and grace that are synonymous with her true essence.
With the expertise of The Mistress Didi* and Her Accomplished Associates, you will be guided along the path of self-discovery on a safe, sane, and consensual journey to enlightenment.  
The Complete Classic CrossDresser™ Curriculum is structured in 5 levels, covering the amateur to the connoisseur.  The syllabus includes courses of study which combine the fundamentals of training for the Classic Diva™ and the Classic Sissy Maid™.   It is equally important for the Classic Diva™ to know how to serve her guests as it is for the Classic Sissy Maid™ to know how to be an elegant lady in service.  
You will begin your training at the appropriate level, dependent upon your experience, and enjoy your evolution through the Curriculum to become a welcomed member of a loving, accepting, Community of Classic CrossDressers™.  It is highly recommended that you complete the full curriculum to become a Sister of the Classic CrossDresser™ Sorority.  However, individual lessons in specific studies are encouraged and available.  Go at your own pace; you must never rush your development.  The fruits of your Woman Within must ripen at their own measure.
Students, Graduates and Members of the CCC  are entitled to Special Benefits.  Non-members may also participate in individual lessons, classes and workshops, and certain group activities according to the rules for non-member tuition and participation.
As a Graduate of The Classic CrossDresser™ Conservatory, you will Have the Power & Be the Beauty!

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Concept Curriculum Complimentary Rules Information Mailing List


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